Club Newsletter - July 2018

The Countdown nears its end...less than 30 days until the move

29th July 2018

Club Newsletter - July 2018
Dawnus Construction have announced that the construction of the new Grasshoppers Sports Club is progressing to schedule. The new complex was part of the Hounslow Borough new schools programme and will be our new home.

The Executive Committee have appointed two subcommittees marketing and facilities. Mike Reilly and Rob Jones have taken the lead with the marketing and branding, you will by now have seen our new "Grasshopper” and we will soon see our new website.

The facilities is led by Mandy Murray, her volunteers are tasked with ensuring that the transition from old to new is done smoothly and with the minimum of aggravation. They have been very busy selecting fixtures and fittings including furniture, office and bar equipment. The clubs memorabilia has all been catalogued and is being prepared for our new home.

In April it was reported that all grass pitch works had been completed satisfactorily and as per the works specification. Grass cover and establishment was excellent considering the prolonged winter the UK has experienced in 17/18. The consultant continued to liaise with Dawnus on the pitch works throughout late April and May in the lead up to the sand slitting operations (part of the ground work to aid pitch drainage).

Wet weather delayed the sand slits being done until June and this was immediately followed by the current dry weather. Watering and grass cutting is now being carried out regularly and these are the critical factors that will dictate the rate of grass establishment across the sand slits. At this stage the pitch consultant were not 100% confident that the pitches will be ready for play by the end of August as it would require the assistance of elements outside of their control in terms of prevailing weather conditions.

The Grasshoppers committee had the condition of the new grass pitches inspected by an independent specialist from the RFU (Keith Kent – Twickenham Stadium Groundsman). He confirmed that because of the extreme dry weather the pitches will not be playable until Oct, weather permitting. He also stated that he was of the opinion  that "the levels are magnificent and that the whole of grass field looks to have had a professional job done on it”.

As the grass pitches were not going to be ready the Executive Committee had to decide whether to delay our move in August or to proceed with it and try to manage to club on the one AGP (artificial grass pitch) for September and possibly October. Following an Executive meeting two weeks ago Matt Gilmore (Director of Rugby) in consultation with Leroy Arbouine (Girls Rugby), Paul Dunham and Declan McKeever (Junior and Mini Chairmen) have produced a strategy that will allow this to be possible.

This will mean staggering fixtures and training and there is no doubt that this can and will only happen with the full cooperation and understanding of all our members. We will endeavour to keep upheaval to a minimum but we ask that you regularly check on training and KO times with your team managers as these times may well be different and may alter depending on all fixtures. Although this does not directly affect Netball, they will also experience some disruption as we try to manage the car park and the changing facilities.

We have no doubt that the famous Grasshoppers spirit (Fortis in Animo) will, during the first few weeks at our new facility, make our transition be both smooth and exciting.

The Executive Committee
July 2018
RFU Accredited Club