Grasshoppers Girls welcome Canadian Touring side

11th March 2015

Grasshoppers Girls welcome Canadian Touring side
Grasshoppers Girls hosted its first International against Adam Scott Collegiate, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday 11th March 2015.

Grasshoppers Girls were successful in both matches, but the real winner on the night was Girls rugby. The games were played in great spirit and afterwards all the players socialised in the clubhouse.

Many refer to the rugby community as a brother/sister-hood, a fraternity or family; for many of our players it is this support network that may become one of the most powerful assets they will own (and one day treasure) from playing rugby.

This global rugby fraternity is something very unique to the game and exists because of camaraderie - a camaraderie that at its core is built upon a culture of respect and friendship.

We embrace the Adam Scott players and look forward to meeting up again in the future.

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