Important Club and Executive Announcement

20th January 2023

Important Club and Executive Announcement
After some 17 years as Club Treasurer Bill Pickett is standing down at the next AGM (May). We are hence looking for a replacement for this extremely important volunteer role. The treasurer is a key person responsible for overseeing the total finances of the club.

The Club Treasurer sits on the Executive Committee and reports regularly on the club’s financial status. In conjunction with the General Manager/Clubhouse Manager/Membership Secretary...ensures all customer and suppliers transactions are effectively processed. In the future a number of previous responsibilities (eg VAT returns, PAYE,...) are to be delegated to a external local accountancy practice.

If you are financially knowledgeable, with accounting experience, have accurate record-keeping, computing and numerical skills, plus are a good could fulfil a vitally important and respected role for Grasshoppers.

We would like this vacancy filled asap so that the individual can engage with Bill, get to understand clearly the role, and have a full and comprehensive handover.

If interested please in the first instance email me your details to 

Finally at this point I would like to thank Bill, on behalf of the whole club, for his unselfish dedication to this role over a very long period of time. Bill in future will still be down supporting the club so when you see him at the bar maybe offer him a drink (Guinness)...he throughly deserves it.

Mike Reilly
RFU Accredited Club