Knee Highs filling Ruckley's boots

20th October 2015

Knee Highs filling Ruckley's boots
Grasshoppers is a Kids First Rugby Club, which is focussed on putting children at the centre of everything we do during rugby. 

Kids First Rugby is a new approach to the way the game is played at rugby clubs across England which puts the child at the centre, moving on at the child’s own pace and development so that more children experience success.

Grasshoppers was selected as one of 20 clubs countrywide and was the first in Middlesex to participate in Kids First Rugby and launched the initiative in January 2014.

With the official England Rugby Ambassador for the children’s game, Ruckley, the English Bulldog in support, Grasshoppers have adopted the new rules of play which put the child at the centre of training and playing.

As part of the Kids First Rugby philosophy, children are encouraged to use sticker books to help them achieve certain goals. These books differ depending on which age group you are in and we are pleased to see our Knee High's using them so effectively.

So far, the U6s (Knee High to a Grasshopper) have completed three areas and should have received their stickers.

Head Coach of the Knee Highs, Dan Pitkin says of the stickers: "this is great initiative and really gets the children excited to learn new things. They are eager to be rewarded with their stickers so they are more focussed on training and the activities. It's great to see them so excited about their rugby".

The Knee High coaches are also running a competition. Find Ruckley at the Club and have your photo taken with him. There will be a prize for the best picture in the next few weeks.

For further information on Kids First Rugby and Ruckley, visit Ruckley's page.

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