Mini Awards Evening for Knee Highs, U7s and U8s

9th May 2015

Mini Awards Evening for Knee Highs, U7s and U8s
Congratulations to all our Knee Highs, U7s and U8s for their hard work, commitment, and ultimately how they have enjoyed their rugby this season.

Lead Coaches, Dan Pitkin (Knee Highs), John Lake (U7s) and Mehl Jacobs (U8s) paid tribute to their players and reminded everyone that we are a club that ensures that every child gets an equal opportunity to play rugby, regardless of their ability. As a Kids First Rugby Club, every child received a medal and certificate for their hard work during the season.

Congratulations to the U7s who also managed to win the Middlesex Rugby U7 Bowl competition.

The awards for 2014/2015 went to:
Most Improved Player (Knee Highs): Alex Carrigan

Players Player (Knee Highs): Adam Padbury

Coaches Player (Knee Highs): Jacob Hunt

Most Improved Player (U7): Diarmuid Diver

Players Player (U7): Henry Newman

Coaches Player (U7): Jack Gallagher

Most Improved Player (U8s): Hamish Pritchard-Wallace

Players Player (U8): Martha Whittaker, Harry Worbey and Bryce Jacobs

Coaches Player (U8): Charlie Worbey

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