Mini Chairman's New Season Message

1st September 2015

Mini Chairman's New Season Message

Leroy Arbouine, Chair of Mini Ruby looks ahead to the new season.

Iím absolutely delighted to be taking on the Mini Chairman role again, and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your efforts and commitment last season.

My job, with your help, is to take the miniís on to the next stage of its incredible journey and we must exploit Rugby World Cup 2015 to introduce Rugby to a new audience and bring new players into the game.

Grasshoppers will continue to work within the Community and at local schools and our ethos is to help children, whatever their ability, to realise their full potential playing rugby whilst having funin a safe and friendly environment.

We will be relaunching ĎKids First Rugbyí and will hand out booklets at the start of the season.

Training and Registration will start on Sunday 6th September at 9.30am.

I know all our volunteers have invested personal energy and family time to help, and I want you to know how much this is appreciated.

My first task will be to improve communication between players, coaches and parents, I say this every year but this season, with your help we're going to make a real difference and build a well-informed cohesive unit.

However this is a partnership and I need to know what you would like to see developed? What can we do better? Share your thoughts with me and letís see what we can do Ė this is a great club and Iím really looking forward to working with you all.

RFU Accredited Club