Remember Rugby's Core Values

3rd March 2015

Remember Rugby's Core Values
Middlesex Rugby have reported that during the current season (2014/2015), 30% of the discipline cases reported have involved players and coaches verbally abusing referees.

This is clearly unacceptable.

Grasshoppers are full supportive of Middlesex Rugby and the RFU in ensuring the Core Values of the game are adhered to, at our club and when we are visiting other clubs.

Any person found guilty of abusing a referee can expect to have his or her sanction increased as the Middlesex Rugby disciplinary panel sees fit above and beyond the current sanctions table set out in the RFU's Regulation 19.

This applies to all involved in Rugby Union in Middlesex, including players, coaches and spectators.

Please read through the Middlesex Rugby Code of Conduct and also the Grasshoppers Code of Conduct.
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