Grasshoppers New Strategic Plan

11th February 2022

Grasshoppers New Strategic Plan

Please find below the introduction from Mike Reilly for our first ever club Strategic Plan (link at the bottom)

From very humble beginnings in 1950, Grasshoppers has developed to be the outstanding club you see today. Without doubt we have a clubhouse and grounds that are second to none.

But of course such facilities come at a cost and now more than ever, despite a brilliant "community/ amateur” ethos, we need to have stronger management and intelligent plans in place to ensure our long-term security.

Apart from general day to day running costs we know that we will incur major costs at various times (eg replacement of 3G pitch). It would be naive to say the least if we do not plan ahead for these circumstances. Hence this (first ever) Grasshoppers Strategic Plan. It has been produced without too much narrative to make it a quick easy read.

The challenge going forward is to balance "Community with Commercial.” We are clearly not a private company building up revenues for shareholders, but we do need to run a profitable organisation that has healthy reserves in place for future costs and potential expansion development.

We have a club and membership to be proud of. We want to be realistic, creative, objective, and continue to thrive to "Be The Best We Can”...for today and into the future.

Mike Reilly

RFU Accredited Club