Sunita Singh looks back at the Senior Netball season

30th April 2015

Sunita Singh looks back at the Senior Netball season
Q: At the start of the 2014/2015 season, the committee had set out some key objectives. How did you get on achieving them?
Sunita: "As a committee we are really pleased with what we have achieved this year and it sets us up to continue the great work everyone has put in ready for next season."

Q: Objective one was to support the growth of the junior section, embedding an admin and support structure to the section.
Sunita: "Over the course of the season we have increased and provided training opportunities for 50 girls aged 11 - 15 and we've also received London Sport funding to extend our Satellite club. We also provided means to trail and train a Hounslow London Youth Games Team with over 60 girls attending the trials"

"Our High 5 section has increased and we now have over 25 young girls training on a regular basis."

"We've also worked hard on building a solid Junior committee and admin support for the Junior section. The organisation of the Junior and High 5 sections is now very well run and we are hoping to build on the number of volunteers for next year."

Q: Another objective was to increase your fundraising efforts by 50%. How did you get on?
Sunita: "We've had a successful year fundraising although we know we can do better. We held our first Vets run Quiz Night and also got involved with the rugby Clubs efforts with the RFU Raffle. All in all we have raised nearly £2,000 for the Netball section and have our sites set higher for next year."

Q: Ensuring training sessions are enjoyable for the players and providing competitive playing opportunities for all players is always a challenge. How did achieve this objective?
Sunita: "This year we increased the number of qualified Level 2 coaches, so we now have two dedicated coaches and are looking to bring in another Level 2 coach for next season. This helps with keeping the players engaged at training but also to help develop their skill levels. We've introduced a Development Team this year to help the Junior players coming into the Senior section transition into a higher level and we have successfully fielded a Vets netball team for the second year. We are entered into different leagues and cups which helps all teams get varied competitive fixtures. The senior section is growing each year and we now have 80 paid up members"

Q: For the first time you hosted a Grasshoppers Summer League, to provide opportunities for club payers to develop.
Sunita: "It was a challenge running a summer league for the first time but we've all learnt a lot and are hoping it will grow this summer and be as successful. Not only does it raise our profile as a club but is another avenue to develop our players and will act as a pre-cursor to final selection following trials for the 2015/2016 season."

Q: Touring is always such an important factor for clubs. What are your plans for tours?
Sunita: "Our Junior Netballers have just come back from a tour to EuroDisney, which they all thoroughly enjoyed and got to meet some players from Surrey Storm and also Rachel Dunn, England Netball GA/GS. Senior Netball will once again be touring to Bournemouth. They have a really great tournament weekend. I can't say anymore as what goes on tour stays on tour!!!!"

Q: One of your key objectives this year was to increase the transparency between the members/players and the committee. How have you gone about achieving this?
Sunita: "The Club has built a new website so the Netball section is now more up to date and we can make sure everyone is aware of what is going on. We have also provided all our members with clear definitions of job roles so that players know what is expected of them in their roles."

For the first time, we have also run a Senior Netball 'Think Tank', which allowed all our members to have a voice and share any issues/concerns they have but also be part of coming up with ideas and solutions. This was a good start and will help shape the objectives of the club in the future. We received such good feedback fromthe Senior section that we are now organising one forthe Junior section."

Q: Grasshoppers have their Bronze CAPS Accreditation, how are you getting on with achieving your Silver CAPS?

Sunita: "We haven't quite finished the application but we are very nearly there. We just have a few bits of documentation to add into the file and then hopefully we'll be starting next season with an upgraded accreditation"
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