Past Memories

This page is for individual contributions from members with their memories of their time and friends with the club. If anyone wishes to contribute any of their memories, please contact Nick Dance at or any other of the Web Administrators.

Roll of Honour.

The Grasshoppers Roll of Honour
- in memory of Grasshoppers who have passed on. May they rest in peace. Please click on the link.

Tribute to Roy Hopkins.
Many thanks to Glyn Williams for his tribute to Roy at this link:-
Tribute to Roy Hopkins

Memories of the Dysart Arms.
Many thanks to John Crotty, Grasshoppers' First Chairman for his memories of the days when the club was based at the Dysart Arms in Richmond, available at this link:-
The Dysart Arms Days

Grasshoppers in the Swinging Sixties.

Glyn Williams, former Club Chairman and Captain originally wrote these notes for our 60th Anniversary program celebrating the days when the Club was based at the Dysart Arms. Now, 10 years later, he has updated his memories at this link:-
The Grasshoppers in the Swinging Sixties

Tribute to Fred Hallows.
Many thanks to Glyn Williams for his tribute to Fred at this link:-
Tribute to Fred Hallows

Diamond Geezers.
Many thanks to Ian Whittaker for this stirring epic saga about Grasshoppers legends written for our 60th anniversary. A sort of 'Beowulf Meets the Hoppers' or 'The Ianiad' to be found at this link:-
Diamond Geezers

The Legend of Big Doris.
How did he get his name and who dared suggest it? Read the truth in Ian Whittaker's version of the real story to be found at this link:-
Now they call him 'Doris'

Bavey's Finest Hour.
Forget 1940, see what happened when Grasshoppers played Richmond and how did the Grasshoppers' President launch his career? Ian Whittaker's version of the real story to be found at this link:-
Bavey's Finest Hour

Just Run of the Mill.
Ian Whittaker's tribute to arguably the best player ever to grace the Grasshoppers shirt, John Mill from New Zealand, to be found at this link:-
Just Run of the Mill

None Endowed like Blackpool Tower.
Read Ian Whittaker's account of one of the great Grasshopper tours to Blackpool in 1982 at this link:-
Blackpool Tower

Big Jim.
Nothing else to be said! Except for Ian Whittaker's tribute to one of the greatest Grasshopper players ever at this link:-
The Running Prop

Ode to the Dysart Days.
Many thanks to Wally for his tribute to those Grasshoppers who played during the time when the club was based at The Dysart Arms, Richmond. Please note that any one under the age of 65 may not understand some of the references!
The Ode to the Dysart Days

Photos from the Past

Photos from the Past
Many thanks to Mike Reilly for submitting this photo from the Seventies featuring Tim Jewers, Phil Ive, Ali Damant, Ian Whittaker, Bob Taylor and Wally.  The scrum half about drop the ball is Phil Welch!

Please check out the Club Gallery for any further photographs.
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