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At Grasshoppers we value our volunteers, they are the lifeblood of the clubís survival.

At Grasshoppers we are very proud of the work our volunteers do and it is one of the reasons that make Grasshoppers such a great successful family orientated club.

We, as a club, couldnít survive without the hard work, time and effort that our volunteers put into ensuring the club runs effectively. As we grow as a club, more demands are made on our volunteers and so we are always looking to increase our volunteer workforce so that all tasks are manageable and volunteers remain enthused and engaged with the role they play.

Volunteering can feel like a big step to take - "but I don't know anything about Rugby/Netball?", "I can't commit to anything on a regular basis" - we hear these comments a lot. BUT everyone can volunteer in either a big way or a small way - all combined makes a enormous difference to our club, and to what you, your family or a member of your family will get out of being a Grasshopper!

The club is totally run by volunteers, however we are always in need of more. Whether you are able to help out once in a while or on a more regular basis we would love to know what area you may be interested in contributing to. The more who volunteer the less work there is for everyone!

Benefits of volunteering

  • The club canít function without you, the volunteer.
  • You can help new participants understand the game.
  • You can develop new skills.
  • Itís your opportunity to stay involved in the game.
  • Youíll be part of a great team.
  • You can help the club be the club it wants to be.
  • Your skills can help the club develop Ė it is not just knowledge of the game.
  • Volunteering is a rewarding experience.
  • You can keep the rugby and netball communities alive.
  • You can be part of something bigger.
  • Youíll feel good about doing something worthwhile.
  • You donít have to give up lots of your time; just a small amount will help.
For more information please speak to the Club Chairman, Section Chairs, Coaches or any of our existing volunteers for more information on the roles that are available.

Club Volunteer Co-ordinators

Are you interested in becoming a Club Volunteer Co-ordinator?

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Thank you to all our hard working volunteers. Without you, our Club would not exist.

Thank you to our Club Sponsor - Anenta Ltd

Grasshoppers would like to thank Anenta Ltd, for their sponsorship during the 2016/2017 season.

Read the full details of the sponsor announcement here.

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