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8th February 2016

Are you interested in helping the Club recruit more volunteers to help us run all our sections? We are currently looking for Club Volunteer Co-ordinators to help our Mini, Junior and Senior Rugby sections.

What you can do for Grasshoppers RFC
  • Encourage other people to get involved in helping out through an enthusiastic and friendly approach.
  • Be the first point of contact for new volunteers, introducing them around the club and making sure they understand why they are required to do.
  • Make sure everyone feels welcome and valued.
The role
Working with the Section Head (Mini, Junior or Senior Rugby) in Grasshoppers you will:
  • Plan how may volunteers the section needs every season - remember to include special events as well as the week in week out running of the club.
  • Consider the best places to find new volunteers - remember to make sure your advertising and appointment is as open as possible.
  • Understand the reasons people get involved and use this knowledge to attract more of them.
  • Remember that giving people roles they enjoy will mean they are more likely to continue.
  • Support, encourage and thank volunteers regularly.
  • Ensure volunteers know how to get the training they need to do a better job.
  • Recognise and reward success, nominating volunteers for Club, Constituent Body, RFU or external awards.
  • Create a succession plan so that you always have volunteers ready and willing to step up or provide cover for key roles.
Ideally, you'll need to be:
  • Welcoming and easy to approach
  • A good listener and communicator
  • Confident, well-organised and happy to delegate
  • Enthusiastic and motivating
What you'll get out of it:
This is a very social role. You'll provide an important service to Grasshoppers RFC and the local community, and for a small investment of time you'll get to mer all kinds of people. Doing something distinctive and worthwhile like this is attractive to potential employers, and the organisational and communication skills are transferable to any walk of life.

How much time will this take?
Around 2- 3 hours per week.

For further information, please talk to Matt Gilmore, Director of Rugby via or call 07554 660 028.

Thank you to all our hard working volunteers. Without you, our Club would not exist.

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