Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents' Lunches




1st September 2018

London Welsh / Buffet

1.00 pm
15th September 2018


1.00 pm
3rd November 2018

Hemel Hempstead

17th November 2018


1.00 pm
8th December 2018

Hammersmith and Fulham / Christmas Lunch

12.30 pm
26th January 2019


1.00 pm
23rd March 2019
1.00 pm
6th April 2019
Enfield Ignations
1.00 pm
For further information on the Vice President's Lunches, please email
or phone 07801 664 557.

The Grasshoppers Roll of Honour - in memory of Grasshoppers who have passed on. May they rest in peace.

Founder Members

In honour of the six members who founded Grasshoppers RFC back in 1950.

Eric Davies
Fred Hallows
Gordon Hallows
Glyn Jones
Ray Robins
Bernard (Bunny) Walker

Honorary Life Vice Presidents

An invitation to become a Life Vice President of Grasshoppers RFC is the highest honour given in recognition of unselfish behind the scenes support of the Rugby Club over several areas and many years service.

Will Arthur, Tom Barber, Peter Baveystock,
Sandra Baveystock,Terry Birtles, Andy Brown,
John Crotty, Bob Clarke, Chris Coakley,
Dennis Congrave, Gary Cunningham,
Ali Damant, Jon Dance, Nick Dance,
Dave Delderfield, Dave Golton, Matt Gilmore,
Fred Hallows*, Peter Hobson, Val Hobson,
Roy Hopkins, Paul Jeal,  Graham Mitchell,
Rob Mortensen, Juan Murray, Mandy Murray
Grahame Neve, George Orishaguna,
Bob Orishaguna, Mike Reilly, Charlie Smith,
Malcolm Wallace, Phil Welch,
Frank Whittaker, Ian Whittaker, Glyn Williams

* Founder Member

Honorary Vice Presidents

An invitation to become a Vice President of Grasshoppers RFC is given in recognition of years of unselfish behind the scenes support of the Rugby Club.

Chris Andrews, Leroy Arbouine, Rod Baily,
Ray Bennett, Chris Bonass, Rick Booth,
Glyn Bowen, Simon Broomfield,  Gordon Cain.
Terry Churchill, Phil Coates, 
Martin Dennis, Paul Dunham,
Peter Dymott, Julian Edwards, John Edwards,
Warren Fox, Gary Fryer, Kevin Fryer,
Gordon Gillespie, Trevor Godman, Bob Harn,
Simon Hartley, Richie Hoyland, Phil Ive,
Davey Jones, Peter Jones, Rob Jones,
Louise Latter, Phil Lewis, Terry Macey,
Andy McIver, Courtney McCarthy,
Barry McGevor, James Mason, John Mill,
Paul Murphy, Dave Nash, Don Neighbour,
Jim Newbery, Terry Newsome, Ken Norman,
Bill Pickett, Terry O'Brien, Gary Parnham,
Steve Ponsford, Dai Pring, Andy Rowell,
Kevin Reffould, Vinnie Richardson,
Bill Sandford, Dick Saunders, Moss Scott,
Kamaldeep Sehmi,  Jim Sutter, Bob Taylor,
Cliff Vernall, Dave Walker, John Warren,
Chris Wicks, Billy Williams, Les Wilson,
Alan Wittana, Mark Woodward, 
Mamita Woodward

Honour Ties

Honour's Ties are awarded in recognition of service to the Rugby Club, on and off the field of play.

Chris Andrews, Will Arthur,
Marc Aston-O'Donovan, Peter Baveystock,
Terry Birtles, Andy Brown, Tom Barber,
Chris Coakley, Matt Coakley, Russell Cowley,  
John Crotty, Gary Cunningham, Ali Damant,  
Nick Dance, Jonathan Dance, Stuart Daniels,
Dave Delderfield, Peter Dymott, Eddie Drew,
Jeremy Easton, John Edwards, Bob Edmonds,
Russell Fielding, Alan Foxwell, Matt Gilmore,
Trevor Godman, Dave Golton, Fred Hallows,
Peter Hobson, Roy Hopkins, Phil Ive,
Peter Moore, Rob Mortensen, Juan Murray,  
Grahame Neve, Jim Newbury,Terry Newsome,
Terry O'Brien, George Orishaguna,
Bob Orishaguna, Gary Parnham, Mike Pellowe,
Bill Pickett, Steve Ponsford, Kevin Reffould,
Steve Reffould, Mike Reilly, Adam Shears,
Charlie Smith, Bob Taylor, Malcolm Wallace,
Phil Welch, Michael Whitehead, Ian Whittaker,
Glyn Williams

Silver Pin

The Silver Pin is the Ladies version of the Honour Tie and is awarded in recognition of the hard work, support and service to Grasshoppers.

Fiona Addison, Sue Aoudia, Rachel Artt,
Liz Barrett, Laura Batcherlor, Sandra Baveystock,
Jo Birtles, Judy Bowen, Philippa Brown,
Christine Coakley, Toni Corbin, Mary Cross,
Tinnie Crotty, Sharron Cunningham,
Barbara Damant, Mary Dance,  Jacqui Davidge,
Corina Dennis, Kate Duff-Anneveld,
Shirley Edwards, Anne Fryer, Susanna Gillet,
Jacqui Gilmore, Andrea Golton, Jean Hallows,
Judith Hallows, Stephanie Harper,
Alyson Henderson, Eileen Henderson,
Mandie Higgs, Val Hobson, Rosemary Hopkins,
Sylvia Ive, Debbie Johnson, Louise Latter,
Naomi Lewis, Rhian Linney, Marion Louki,
Noma Mabhena, Marion Mason,
Christina Michael, Mandy Murray, Jackie Nash,
Tina Neve, Teresa Orishaguna, Joyce Orishaguna,
Liz Pammant, Kay Parnham, Nina Pasquale,
Caroline Pickett, Sue Pollard, Kristina Powell,
Victoria Rainey, Clair Reilly, Sheila Roskilly,
Sunita Singh, Cas Smith, Kirsty Smith,
Sam Tomkins, Sarah Tugwell, Leslie Sutter,
Jean Turnbull, Debbie Turner, Joyce Walker,
Fiona Wallace, Linda Welch, Brenda Whittaker, 
Francis Witana, Mamita Woodward.
RFU Accredited Club